North East Texas Trail   

Northeast Texas Trail Frequently Asked Questions

How hilly is the trail?
Here's a NETT Elevation chart to illustrate.

As you can see in the elevation chart, there's an overall drop in elevation between the west end at Farmersville to the east end at New Boston, but it's only a few hundred feet over the entire 133 mile length of the trail.
Where does the NETT Trail start and end?
The trail runs between Farmersville TX (40 miles northeast of downtown Dallas) to New Boston Tx, which is just 20 miles west of Texarkana.
What is the trail's surface like?
Is the Trail safe?
Probably the biggest danger is cars on the sections where you have to detour on roads. Most of the roads are very lightly travelled, but you should be cautious and alert at all times.

As with any time or place you are cycling or hiking, you should always be on the lookout for animals. Snakes, insects, or loose dogs could always be a potential threat, but no more so on the NETT than on other trails.

As far as crime, the trail is very safe. This is rural and small-town America at its best.
Yes, e-bikes are allowed on the, but motorized devices such as ATVs are not.
Yes, horseback riding is allowed along the entire trail. Cyclists and runners/hikers should yield to horseback riders. Be careful not to startle horses when approaching from behind. The parking lot at the athletic complex in Farmersville can accommodate horse trailers.
Will my cell phone work on the trail?
Cell phone service can be spotty, with service in town areas and some dead areas in the more rural sections.
Where does the trail detour from the original rail line?
Due to bridge damage, you will need to leave the railroad route and use local roads between Roxton and Pecan Gap, and between Annona and Avery. The trail route shown on the interactive NETT map uses the detours.
Is camping allowed along the trail?
Impromptu "stealth" camping is not allowed along the trail.  Please respect the private property of landowners by not trespassing. There are several private campgrounds and public parks that allow camping.

Click the following link for more details on camping along the Northeast Texas Trail.
What's the best kind of bike / tire for the NETT? Can I use a road bike?
Road bikes are not appropriate for the NETT. You'll want to use a mountain bike, hybrid, or comfort bike. In general, wider tires are better, using the widest cross-tread tire your rims can handle. You do not need knobby tires; something with light tread is ideal. Inflate your tires to a slightly lower pressure than you would use on pavement.

Don't forget to bring spare tubes and a pump or compressed air. Flats happen!
What should I bring on my bike ride?
For a one-day trip, here are some suggestions:
  • Plenty of water
  • Helmet
  • Sunscreen
  • Maps, and/or screen printouts from for the towns you'll be visiting (go to the trip planner to build your customized list)
  • Cell phone
  • Bike repair tools
  • Spare inner tubes or patch kit
  • Pump or compressed air
  • Insect repellant
  • Tissues / toilet paper (you never know)
  • Cash, credit cards
  • Camera
  • More water
That's for a day-trip. A multi-day trip would require a lot more stuff. Here's our favorite packing list for longer bike tours:
How long does it take to ride the trail?
There is no single answer to this question. Some people take their time and spread it out over several days so they can enjoy the sights and stop to smell the roses. Other (extreme) riders knock out the whole trail in one day just because they can.

Your best bet is to do some trail riding in the time leading up to your NETT trip, to get a feel for what distances you are comfortable with. Train with longer rides in the months or weeks ahead of a long ride to build up your endurance, so you don't find yourself running on empty out on the trail.

Also weather can be a factor. You can cover a lot more distance on a cool spring or fall day than during the middle of a Texas hot spell.
How do I get my business listed on
If your business is on or near the NETT, and of interest to trail users, then BikeNETT wants to list you.  Please visit the Contact Us page for a list of the info we need, and what address to send it to.  There are no fees to be listed here.
I spotted an error on the site.  How can I report it?
We appreciate your help in keeping the site 100% accurate (so do future visitors to the site!).  Please contact with details of the error, and we'll fix it ASAP.
Who built this site?
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