North East Texas Trail   

The NETT Journey
By Dan Lake, PhD
A journey has a beginning, a middle and an end.
The NETT is in the middle portion. The 133 mile long trail is being built right now. It will probably be a decade before the trail is complete.
Riders will travel from one small town to the next, along the way services will be needed. Food to consume, places to camp or stay overnight. Occasionally a bike repair or a first aid need will happen.
What if we build the trail and these services don’t exist?
My role is to make people aware of commercial opportunities in the 19 towns dotting the trail. I’m here to help them plan a successful venture. My services are free. I’m a builder and a planner. I believe in the NETT as a vehicle for an economic boom for these struggling towns.
I live in Roxton, about 14 miles west of Paris. My wife and I are restoring the Walter Bywater house built in 1907. We will rent two bedrooms out as a B&B. Next door we have a 4 bedroom house from 1927 that will be used exclusively as a B&B.
Down the road 200 yards I’m building a 9 hole Irish pitch and putt. I’m fully invested in this project. I have skin in the game.
If you know somebody along the trail who owns or is planning a service, hook us up.
We succeed in numbers and by joining forces to exchange successful strategies.
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